Episode #25: Natural Hospital Birth: Part 2

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Join us as we talk about how to have a natural birth in the hospital!

In this episode, Stephanie interviews Cori Gentry, a certified childbirth educator, to discuss how to have a more “natural birth” in the hospital.

Women have a wide range of options when it comes to where they want to give birth and who they want on their birth team. Ultimately, the best choice is whatever mom and her family feel comfortable with.

We’ve talked about home births on past episodes, so today we want to open up the conversation and discuss hospital births. If a woman wants to have a natural birth, but feels more comfortable in the hospital, there are a few important things she needs to keep in mind.

This episode will help you feel more educated and empowered in the hospital whether or not a natural birth is your end goal.


[0:00] Intro [1:14] Steph’s Updates [3:08] Cori Gentry’s biography [5:12] Why childbirth education is so important and what to look for in a class [15:00] Important considerations when creating a birth plan [22:23] Informed consent and women’s rights during childbirth [25:35] Strategies to be more comfortable in the hospital

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