Episode #29: Miscarriage and Pregnancy Loss with Brittany Randolph

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Join us as we discuss miscarriage and pregnancy loss with Brittany Randolph, a birth and bereavement doula.

In this episode, Stephanie interviews Brittany Randolph to talk about the options women have while going through a pregnancy loss, what bereavement doulas do, what physical, mental, and emotional changes happen when going through a loss, how a woman’s partner grieves, helpful and hurtful things to do and say to someone going through a loss, resources for moms going through a loss, and more!


[0:00] Intro [2:15] Steph’s updates [3:08] Brittany Randolph’s bio [5:45] What got Brittany interested in doula work and helping moms with pregnancy loss [9:30] What is a bereavement doula? [12:25] How do bereavement doulas work with moms? [14:45] The different types of pregnancy loss [16:37] The postpartum period after pregnancy loss [19:22] Brittany’s philosophy on why pregnancy loss happens [22:05] What moms experience when going through a loss and how partners grieve [25:45] The different types of grief [28:30] How to help moms heal [31:05] What to say and not to say to moms going through loss [34:45] Ways to help support moms dealing with loss [40:15] Where to find more about Brittany and how to work with a bereavement doula

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