Episode #123: Lead Education, Prevention and Treatment with Dr. Kulveen Virdee

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Dr. Elana interviews Dr. Virdee on a very important topic that many parents may not be aware of– lead exposure in children. Most pediatricians test lead levels in the blood between 12-24 months, while some pediatricians don’t routinely offer this test. This episode aims to support you in knowing what to do if your child’s lead levels come back elevated! This interview is packed full of educational insights, prevention strategies and treatment options if you are in this situation.


Topics Discussed:

  • How lead can affect your child’s development
  • Where lead is found in our environment
  • What common items may be contaminated with lead
  • Different ways to easily test for lead exposure
  • How to get your child’s blood lead levels tested
  • Treatment options to help lower elevated lead levels
  • Resources available to help you understand more

Show Notes:

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