Episode 230: How to Choose Clean Water for Your Family with Dr. Vivian Chen, MD

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On today’s episode, Dr. Elana interviews environmental medicine expert, Dr. Vivian Chen, MD. They took an in-depth look into water toxicity and share what moms can do to ensure they are providing clean water to their family. They discussed the overwhelm and confusion that many moms face when it comes to avoiding environmental toxins and share practical steps to easily minimize toxins from drinking, bath and shower water. It doesn’t need to cost thousands of dollars nor does it have to feel overwhelming. Dr. Elana and Dr. Viv leave you with actionable steps you can take to ensure your family is drinking clean and healthy water!   

Topics Discussed: 

  • Understanding common contaminants found in drinking water
  • How to test your home tap water
  • Why it is so important for young children to drink filtered water
  • Budget friendly filter options
  • Why bath and shower filters are a good investment
  • Things to know about bottled and carbonated water
  • How to shop for a filter that is right for your home water 

Show Notes: 

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This episode’s guest

Dr. Chen is a UK trained medical doctor with 15 years of clinical experience. She is board certified in the UK in both internal medicine and family practice.

Her world turned upside down when her daughter was hospitalized soon after being born with symptoms no doctor could figure out. Through doing her own research, she was able to help her daughter recover. She also realized that the many years of chronic fatigue, acne and brain fog she had was due to environmental toxicity. This opened the world of root causes she had never considered before as a conventional medical doctor.

Today she lives in San Francisco with her family and coaches clients back to health by identifying root causes and implementing lifestyle solutions. She is also on a mission to help people reduce their toxin load because she believes environmental toxins to be one important root cause of many chronic health conditions.

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