Episode #65: Healthy Baby Food with Serenity Kids

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In this episode, Stephanie interviewed Serenity and Joe from Serenity Kids, an innovative new baby food company. Serenity Kids offers convenient, shelf-stable baby food pouches that contain healthy animal fats and protein and are low in sugar. Join us as we discuss the fundamentals of baby nutrition, my son’s experience using their products, and so much more!

Note: At the time of this recording, Leo was just being introduced to solids and was struggling a bit with a strong gag reflex. He’s doing much better now (at 9 months) and can handle a larger variety of food and textures.

Their story:

Hi. I’m Serenity. My partner Joe and I started Serenity Kids because we wanted only the best for our future baby. We couldn’t find a baby food high in healthy fat and protein, and we saw how difficult it was for our friends who cook all of their baby’s food. We were shocked by the amount of sugar in most baby foods, because sugar (even from fruit) creates inflammation which leads to health problems and can make a baby fussy from the blood sugar crash.

So we partnered with small, American family farmers to create a delicious baby food that contains meat from animals raised humanely, on pasture, without hormones, antibiotics, or GMO feed. Pastured meats benefit the animal, the family farmers, and the planet. The best part is that they’re better for your baby because they have a much higher Omega-3s and CLAs than grain-fed meats. We blend these meats with high-quality organic vegetables to create balanced, nourishing meals. Serenity, for the whole family.

Topics discussed:

  • Their story
  • The current state of the baby food market
  • The downfalls of sugar and the importance of fat
  • The contents and quality of their product
  • How their recipes were created
  • Baby nutrition beyond food
  • Their future product and program ideas
  • And even, paleo child-raising, how to raise kids according to their natural instincts

Show Notes:

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