#326: Functional Lab Testing for Preconception, Pregnancy, and Postpartum with Kaely McDevitt, RD

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Steph interviews Kaely McDevitt, RD, about functional lab testing. Kaely specializes in nutrition for women’s health. Through personalized nutrition, she helps women reclaim their energy, optimize fertility, and overcome hormone symptoms. In this episode, they discuss the lab tests all women should consider on their journey to and through motherhood, including many that are overlooked by conventional medicine. She also shares how to advocate for yourself and how to interpret functional medicine tests.

Topics Discussed:

  • Labs to get tested for preconception health
  • Labs to get tested during pregnancy
  • Labs to get tested during postpartum
  • The most commonly overlooked aspects of pregnancy prep
  • Self-advocacy to get the labs you need
  • How to work with your provider 

Show Notes:

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This Episode’s Guest

Kaely McDevitt is a Registered Dietitian specializing in nutrition for women’s health. She owns a virtual private practice where she and her team help their clients reclaim their energy, optimize fertility and overcome hormone symptoms through personalized nutrition. Having experienced the pitfalls of a conventional approach to women’s health first hand, Kaely is passionate about empowering women to build health from a place of connection: to self, to nature and to community.