Episode #254: Freeing Mothers from Worry & Uncertainty with Ciara Burton

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Steph interviews Ciara Burton to help moms learn how to mother themselves during seasons when it’s easy to put your needs last. Ciara is known as the “The Life Coach for Moms”. She has created a unique brand that’s freeing mothers of anxiety and uncertainty. Ciara shares her unconventional approach that has helped hundreds of women heal from toxic patterns and routines that have ultimately become blockages to happiness and success. Listen to learn practical ways moms can return “home” to themselves and why this matters for the entire family. 


Topics Discussed: 

  • Why traditional therapy/coaching may not work
  • Ways we can recognize our true needs
  • Why “more self-care” isn’t the solution
  • How mom’s energy impacts the entire family
  • Why couples often struggle after baby 
  • How to break generational patterns and feel free

Show Notes: 

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This episode’s guest

“You’re learning how to mother children, but you’re also learning how to mother yourself—which is a different version of you from the you before Motherhood.”

Ciara Burton known as “The Life Coach for Moms,” has created a unique brand that’s freeing Mothers of anxiety and uncertainty by helping them return “HOME” to themselves. 

Her unconventional approach has helped hundreds of women heal from toxic patterns and routines that have ultimately become blockages to happiness and success. 

In her course Becoming Her; The Next Evolution women awaken to the life they WANT while transforming the “complacent” one they’ve found themselves in – one that looked good on paper, but felt far from fulfilling… 

Within Becoming Her, Ciara’s clients go from breaking free from constant questioning, the desire to “get it right” and be “liked”  – to owning their value and living life on their own terms all WHILE showing their kids how to do the same. A Mother unleashed and able to express herself freely in the world, is one of the greatest gifts we can give our next generation. 

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