Episode #30: A Natural Approach to Fertility

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Join us as we discuss natural approaches to fertility with Bridgit Danner, an acupuncturist and functional medicine practitioner.

In this episode, Stephanie interviews Bridgit Danner to talk about natural approaches to fertility such as acupuncture, chiropractic work, herbs, nutrition, and more! Bridgit also opens up and shares her struggle with postpartum depression and what helped her get through it. If you’re interested in learning about holistic therapies, this is the show for you!

Have you used any of these alternative treatments while trying to conceive or while you were pregnant? Was this episode helpful?


[0:00] Intro [1:07] Bridgit Danner’s bio [2:08] Steph’s updates [5:45] Bridgit’s story [6:52] Bridgit’s recovery from postpartum depression [10:40] Natural approaches that help women improve their chances of conceiving [14:45] How acupuncture can help moms with fertility and pregnancy [23:30]How chiropractic work can help moms with fertility and pregnancy [27:15] Herbs and supplements that may be helpful for fertility and pregnancy [30:00] Bridgit’s top tips for breastfeeding success [37:15] Bridgit’s diet philosophy [28:30] 5 action steps moms can take to improve their chances of conceiving [43:45] Where to find more information about Bridgit

Show Notes:

Bridgit’s Website

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