Episode #51: Feminine Super Power Year [with Christine Arylo]

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Join Aglaée as she interviews Christine Arylo to talk about your Inner Mean Girl(s) might have been running your past year and how to access your Inner Wisdom (yes, you have it) to start the coming year. Christine also share her favorite daily morning practice and gives you some double dares that I also dare you to take in 2017! <3


[0:00] Intro

[3:08] Christine Arylo’s bio

[4:22] Welcome Christine!

[4:49] Have your Inner Mean Girls been running your past year?

[9:35] Take the quiz and find out about your Inner Mean Girls Do you have a Doing Addict? Comparison Queen? Achievement Junkie? Worrywart? All of them?

[19:30] How to get rid” of your Inner Mean Girl(s)!

[21:51] How to start connecting to your own Inner Wisdom (yes, I promise you have it! :) )

[25:55] Motivation with compassion vs from fear? Isn’t that an excuse to stay stuck where I am (or permission to get even worse)? 

[33:15] Christine’s favorite simple practice to start your morning 

[49:49] Christine’s double dare for the new year

[1:00:42] Where to find Christine Arylo (website, books, Feminine Power Time podcast, programs and rituals)

[1:02:36] Outro

Show Notes:

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