Episode #19: Elimination Communication (infant potty training) with Andrea Olson

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Join us in this episode as we learn more about EC (Elimination Communication) or infant potty training. Did you know that children are now in diapers until the age of 36-38 months today while they used to be potty trained before the age of 18 months back in 1957? Elimination communication is a gentle way to help your baby and toddler not only learn about how to get rid of diapers more quickly but most importantly to empower him or her to better communicate about the basic need to eliminate. Listen to our interview with Andrea Olson, a mom of 3 and an expert on the topic, to see how you can incorporate EC in your life.


[2:09] Aglaée’s updates [7:57] Andrea Olson’s bio [8:58] Introduction to EC (Elimination Communication) [11:40] Andrea’s EC experiences with her 3 babies [18:04] Pottying in the past and other cultures [20:54] What does it mean to be potty independent and potty trained? [22:25] Average age for children to be potty trained nowadays [23:32] Best age to start potty training [24:38] Average potty trained age in 1957 before commercial diapers [25:35] How EC and potty training differ with age (0-6 months, 6-12 months, 12-18 months vs 18+ months) [28:45] How to fit EC in your busy schedule and doing EC part-time [29:49] How EC is an integral part of parenting and life for Andrea [33:30] Aglaée’s difficulties with EC following a move and baby getting mobile (potty pauses, how to get back into a routine with EC and how to avoid teaching toddlers to pee on the floor) [40:35] Recent rant from Andrea about how diapers shouldn’t be used as a wearable toilet [47:10] Cloth vs disposable diapers as back-up for EC families [49:45] Andrea’s website, books and podcast about going diaper free [53:15] Outro


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