Episode #50: Against Doctor’s Orders [incredibly inspiring story with Ali Barton]

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Join Aglaée as she interviews Ali Barton who tells her incredibly inspiring story. This is a MUST listen! We also talk about organ donation, Ali’s surrogate pregnancy, the biggest lesson she wants to teach her kids, how her mindset kept her going and how she gives us permission to complain and not compare our struggles. <3


[0:00] Intro

[2:15] Aglaée’s updates

[9:26] Ali Barton’s bio

[11:13] Welcome Ali! Let’s hear her story!

[16:10] Diagnosed with multiple autoimmune conditions

[18:07] Her battle with infertility and pregnancy complications

[20:14] Finally some answers about her heart condition and the moment she was told to end her pregnancy at 21 weeks

[26:00] Ethan is born and being away from him for the first 36 hours

[29:03] Ali needs a heart transplant!

[39:04] How Ali gives us permission to complain and NOT compare our struggles, emotions and pain

[45:25] What was the scariest part of Ali’s story?

[47:48] How our MINDSET can make all the difference!

[50:57] Ali’s surrogate pregnancy

[53:20] The biggest lesson Ali wants to teach her kids and a few words about the importance of organ donation

[54:40] Ali’s book “Against Doctor’s Orders” and where to find her blog and updates

[58:50] *** ORGAN DONATION *** check the box or use the app!!! <3

[1:02:39] Outro

Show Notes:

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