Episode #233: Mastering Medical Emergencies with Shannon Tripp, RN

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Dr. Elana interviews Shannon Trip – pediatric ER nurse and creator of the popular course “Mastering Medical Emergencies”. Shannon is passionate about teaching moms how to prevent and be prepared for the most common injuries and illnesses she sees in the ER day after day!  They discussed how moms can differentiate between going to urgent care vs the ER, top choking tips, what to do if your child takes a fall, tips for broken bones, cuts, scrapes and even tetanus exposure, what to pack in a first aid kit and so much more! You will especially love to learn how to prevent 3 of the most common medical emergencies. You don’t want to miss this episode! This episode is for Doctor Mom’s who love to be proactive and empowered in their child’s health care. 


Topics Discussed: 

  • When to visit pediatrician, urgent care or ER
  • Top choking tips
  • 2 signs to always look for after a head injury 
  • How to differentiate broken bones versus a sprain
  • When does a cut need an ER visit
  • Fever and febrile seizure tips 
  • What to do if your baby eats honey
  • 5 Items you want in your First Aid Kit 
  • 3 of the most preventable medical emergencies

Show Notes:

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This episode’s guest

Shannon Tripp is passionate about motherhood and the pursuit of natural living and an overall holistic approach. Shannon has worked as a pediatric ER nurse for 10 years and that has given her a unique perspective at home with her own family. She truly believes the greatest joys in life come through intentional motherhood. She dedicates her time to educate mothers on how to keep their children happy and healthy through illness and injury at home. Shannon believes each mother is innately capable of keeping their babies safe and healthy using their mama instincts. Shannon is very proud of the launch of her new online course “Mastering Medical Emergencies at Home” which has been very well received by thousands of moms around the world who are using it to become more confident and knowledgeable to care for their children at home.

Shannon Tripp is a wife to a golf addict, a mother of four (three girls and boy), former college basketball athlete, and has found a love for surfing as she has recently moved between Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

Shannon invites you to hang out with her on Instagram @shantripp