Episode #48: Yoga for Moms with Amelia Barnes (and a few words about baby loss and ICP)

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Join Aglaée as she interviews Amelia Barnes to first talk about the benefits of yoga for moms and the important role yoga has played in her life, including during both of her pregnancies and postpartum periods.

In the second part of the interview, you will learn about Amelia’s incredibly inspiring story with her first baby, Landon, unexpectedly passing away only 4 days after he was born and how he saved his sister’s life.


[0:00] Intro

[3:27] Welcome Amelia! – Let’s talk about yoga for moms! How she got started with yoga Pros and cons of practicing at home vs at a studio

[8:27] Yoga beyond the physical practice

[11:25] Yoga for better immunity

[12:40] Yoga as a tool to reconnect to our bodies

[14:10] Anxiety about going to a yoga studio for the 1st time!!!

[17:35] Yoga and body image / self-acceptance

[22:10] Amelia’s 3 favorite poses for moms


[27:05] Landon’s story

[33:10] Tips for moms dealing with baby loss

[37:30] Amelia’s thoughts on “letting go” vs “setting free”


[39:44] Lily’s story and why you need to know about ICP (ICP stands for Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy)

[50:15] Where to find more about Amelia

[51:00] Outro

Show Notes:

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