Episode #182: How to be a Shameless Mom with Sara Dean

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Stephanie chats with Sara Dean from the Shameless Mom Academy about how moms can step into their power and gifts in bigger ways, how they can cultivate a deeper sense of self-trust, and how all this creates space for us to train people how to treat us. They share how to have more powerful conversations with others, lower the unreasonably high expectations we have about what we can accomplish (especially now during the pandemic) and all be a little more shameless.

Topics Discussed:

  • What it means to be a shameless mom
  • Why asking for help is a gift you give to others
  • How to identify if you’re being a mommy martyr
  • How we can use our voice more powerfully and make requests
  • How “B- work” can give you more space and time
  • How to outsource work to be your best self
  • How leading with curiosity and compassion can reduce defensiveness
  • How we can all be a little more shameless

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