Episode #259: Season 6 – What to expect on The “Doctor Mom” Podcast

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We are excited to kick off season six of the “Doctor Mom” podcast! Normally, Dr. Elana and I focus on sharing guests we have on during the season and things you can look forward to learning from them, but to be honest… we haven’t interviewed them all yet! However…we KNOW they’ll be fire and today we will share WHO we’re having on and what topics you can look forward to learning about this season.

Since we took a short break between seasons, we also wanted to spend time sharing what’s been going on in our worlds. There has been a LOT happening between the two of us and since we consider you part of our family, we love keeping you in the loop. So for this episode, consider yourself sitting with us, your two good friends, filling you in on life updates! We’d love to hear what’s going on with you too!

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Topics Discussed: 

  • Family updates! (Hint how sleep training is going and a possible move!)
  • Personal health updates
  • Steph’s upcoming program creation and Dr. Elana’s membership offerings expanded
  • Review of our guests for this coming season!
    • How to Help Kids with Constipation with Dr. Cailtin O’Connor
    • Gentle Sleep Training with the Sleep Lady, Kim West @thesleeplady
    • Covid Updates with Dr. Elisa Song @healthykids_happykids
    • Pediatric Skin Condition with dermatologist Dr. Gigler
    • Enneagrams for Moms with Erin Rocchio @wholenessatwork
    • Human Design for Moms with Erin Claire Jones @erinclairejones
    • Planning for Maternity Leave with Arianna Taboada @ariannataboada
    • Understanding Disordered Eating with Tamar Samuels @tamarsamuels.rd
    • Post-Birth Care with Dr. Afflack
    • 5 Pillars of Body Love from Mom to Child with Shanna Mota @shannamota

Show Notes:

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