Episode #216: Season 2 – Wrap Up

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Steph and Dr. Elana wrap up Season 2 of the “Doctor Mom” Podcast by highlighting key takeaways and action steps from the last four interviews of season 2. They share personal insights into their own families tongue and lip tie revisions, help your little ones move from mouth breathing to nasal breathing, and offer a sneak peek into Elana’s upcoming program that helps families make informed, empowered choices about vaccines. The episode ends with nourishing practices they’re currently doing in 2021 and fun ideas you may want to implement into your self-care routines.


Topics Discussed: 

  • Elana’s experience with tongue tie release in both her kids
  • Steph’s tongue tie release recap
  • Exercises to support proper breathing, sleep, and focus
  • Elana and Ari’s Vaccine Empowerment Program
  • Nourishing practices we’re leaning into in 2021

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