Episode #49: BLW in the Kitchen [Recipes and Tips with Jessica Coll]

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Join Aglaée as she interviews registered dietitian and BLW expert Jessica Coll to talk about Baby-Led Weaning and share practical tips and even recipes for you and your little ones. More specifically, we cover the introduction of meat, how to ensure babies get enough iron, how to introduce leafy greens BLW-style and how to make eating out easier.


[0:00] Intro

[2:35] Aglaee’s update

[6:00] Jessica’s bio

[7:42] Welcome Jessica!

[8:57] How Jessica found out about BLW and then became an expert!

[13:40] How to introduce meat for babies and ensure they get enough iron

[25:40] How to introduce leafy greens for babies

[32:10] Eating out and doing BLW with your little one

[37:10] Recommended products to do BLW

[40:02] Jessica’s BLW Online Course and where to find more about Jessica (links in the shownotes)

[44:17] Outro

Show Notes:

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