Episode #32: Adrenal Fatigue for Tired Moms with Laura Schoenfeld, RD

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Join us as we discuss everything related to adrenal fatigue (or HPA axis dysfunction to be more precise). In this episode, Aglaée interviews registered dietitian and co-creator of My Paleo Rehab for Adrenal Fatigue Program Laura Schoenfeld.

Learn what the HPA axis is and how it works in your body, see if you have some of the common signs and symptoms, discover easy ways to tweak your diet to better support your adrenals, which supplements to add and other simple but effective lifestyle strategies to have more energy to do everything real food mamas like us do to care for ourselves and all of our family!


[0:00] Intro [2:57] Aglaée’s updates [3:55] Laura Schoenfeld’s bio [4:27] Adrenal fatigue and HPA axis dysfunction explained [9:00] Signs and symptoms: do you have any of these? [14:44] Why moms are more at risk of adrenal fatigue? [18:52] Small but impactful changes for better adrenal health [24:50] Why all moms need to eat more calories and carbs! [30:33] Is meditation necessary (and realistic) for moms? [35:20] Smart supplementation (including tips for pregnant and nursing mamas) [42:05] Laura’s adrenal fatigue program (My Paleo Rehab Program) [47:02] Outro

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