Episode #177: Adoption and the Transition to Fatherhood with Dave Hollis

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Dave Hollis shares parenting tips from a dad’s perspective, including how he and his wife, Rachel Hollis, navigated the ups and downs of adoption. Dave shares how to get your partner on board with self-development, the many ways fatherhood shifted his identity, tips he has for new dads, lessons he learned along the journey of parenthood and how you can learn from his mistakes. Many of these stories and other tools can be found in his new book, Get Out Of Your Own Way: A Skeptics Guide to Growth and Fulfillment.


Topics Discussed:

  • Transitioning to parenthood, from a dad’s perspective
  • Lessons he’s learned as a dad and tips for new parents
  • His journey with foster parenting and adoption
  • Advice for families looking to foster/adopt
  • The importance of vulnerability as a man
  • How being a working parent is inspiring, not shameful

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