Episode #239: Rethinking Childhood Education with Ana Lorena Fabrega of Synthesis

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Steph interviews Ana Lorena Fabrega, teacher and Chief evangelist at Synthesis, an online enrichment program where kids learn through games and simulations. Ana left teaching in Summer 2019 to become an EDUpreneura passionate educator outside the classroom building learning alternatives to break the mold. In this episode they discuss some of the challenges with the traditional childhood education structure, practical ways parents can support their child’s education to encourage critical thinking and problem solving skills, why failing is important for kids, and tips for parents navigating another year of virtual schooling. You’ll walk away feeling empowered with strategies to set your little one(s) up for success in and out of the classroom.


Topics Discussed: 

  • Why more time in school doesn’t equal more learning
  • Why it’s important for kids to fail
  • How to navigate virtual learning
  • How to help kids enjoy learning and retain information
  • How to help our kids thrive in a constantly changing world

Show Notes:

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This episode’s guest


I left teaching in Summer 2019 to become an EDUpreneura passionate educator outside the classroom building learning alternatives to break the mold.

In early 2020 I co-created Write of Passage Summer Camp: a virtual learning experience where kids from different parts of the world meet to work on projects they care about.

I’m now Chief Evangelist at Synthesis, a new online learning experience for curious and ambitious kids who want to learn how to build the future. We are scaling up the most innovative ideas from Ad Astrathe school our cofounder started with Elon Musk— using a game-based approach to learning. Learn more about Synthesis here or watch the video below:

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