Episode #278: Organ Meats for Mama and Baby with Ashleigh VanHouten the Muscle Maven

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Dr. Elana interviews Ashleigh VanHouten on the topic of Organ Meats! She was recommended by our friends over at Paleovalley @paleovalley and so glad they connected us and she has so much passion and knowledge to share! 

They talked about why mamas and kiddos should consider adding organ meats to their diets and she shared some favorite recipes along with a mom hack on how to use Paleovalley’s Organ Complex Capsules in place of cooking organ meats as an option.  They also talked about how common it is for women in particular to undereat protein and on today’s episode, they help guide you mamas on how to assess if you are getting your needs met and if not how to slowly build up your protein and nutrient-dense food needs so you can thrive! 

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Topics Discussed:

  • Why organ meats are nature’s multivitamin 
  • Busting myths about why organ meats are not toxic
  • Favorite ways to prepare organ meats
  • Mom hacks how to serve organ meats to kiddos (and adults with aversions) 
  • How women can assess if they are eating enough protein and nutrient-dense foods

Show Notes: 


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This episode’s sponsor

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This episode’s guest

Ashleigh is a health coach, speaker, podcast host, and author of one of the only nose-to-tail, organ-meat-centric cookbooks in existence, called It Takes Guts. Her new book is called Carnivore-ish. She is the host of the Muscle Maven Radio podcast, downloaded more than 1.5 million times, where she interviews some of the leading minds in exercise and nutrition methodology and overall wellness. She’s developed a range of coaching programs and workshops aimed at improving physical strength, overall wellness, and a deeper understanding of our bodies and optimal health, including Muscle Science for Women and the Jacked Back Pull-Up Program. Connect with Ashleigh on Instagram @themusclemaven or on her website, ashleighvanhouten.com

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