Episode #198: Mid Season Episode Recap

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In this episode Steph and Elana recap the first five episodes of the season to help you reflect on the information share and take action! They share key takeaways about how to safely go back to school during a pandemic and navigate school closures; how to embrace ‘good enough’ as a mom and cultivate a health relationship with screentime; how to feel empowered during pregnancy and birth as a Black mama and things practitioners can do to better serve and work with Black mamas; and how to set yourself up for success before baby arrives. You’ll leave the episode with action steps that will help you along your journey and ones you’ll want to share with others.

Topics Discussed:

  • Main takeaways from the first episodes’ experts
  • Steph and Elana’s thoughts on the info shared in the interviews
  • Action steps Steph and Elana are taking based on these episodes
  • Ways you can use this information to be a calm, competent, confident mama

Show Notes:

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