Episode #265: Enneagrams for Moms with Erin Rocchio

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Dr. Elana interviews guest Erin Rocchio, a Partner at Evolution and the Founder of Wholeness at Work. Erin works with CEO’s and leads teams of billion-dollar companies to help workers improve their interpersonal relationships so they can ultimately perform better. She uses many tools with her clients and teams one of which is the Enneagram. This tool helps her understand the personality types of her clients and ways to help them avoid BURNOUT.

Now as a mother herself to two littles, she brings her decades of work experience to now also help moms understand their susceptibility to burnout by identifying their Enneagram.  

During this episode, you’ll learn how your Enneagram type plays a role in how you parent and how you uniquely are susceptible to burnout – plus unique ways to “watch out” for burnout to prevent it in the first place!

Topics Discussed: 

  • What is the Enneagram? 
  • How does it help you understand how you can parent better?
  • How does your Enneagram type correlate with motherhood and your susceptibility to exhaustion and burnout? 
  • How can we use what we know about our Enneagram type to help avoid burnout in the first place!
  • What are some “watch-outs” and practical tips we can start today to help us be better mothers, partners, workers, etc!
  • How mothers are true LEADERS of our families and why it is so very important to understand our innate way of being so we can help lead our family!

Show Notes: 


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This episode’s guests

For fifteen years, Erin has worked with executives across industries to find the sweet spot between business results and personal meaning. She designs and delivers transformational leader, team, and organization development in line with business strategy. Released in 2020, Erin’s inaugural publication, Wholeness at Work: Free Yourself from Burnout for Good, addresses the science behind workplace burnout. She explores the symptoms, sources, and solutions across three levels: individual, relational, and systemic. Her Roadmap to Wholeness supports leaders in finding a lifelong path to sustainable wellbeing in their work.

Erin’s clients are curious, values-driven, emotionally intelligent leaders up to big things. She works with C-level executives at billion-dollar companies and founders of proven start-ups, helping them cultivate sustainable, high-performing leadership teams based on metrics that drive engagement and results. Erin brings a philosophical orientation to her work rooted in Appreciative Inquiry (strengths-based change), the Enneagram personality system, Integral theory, and neuroscience-based organizational and leadership wellbeing.

Erin is a partner at Evolution, Silicon Valley’s premier coaching, consulting, and investment firm that partners with start-up and high-growth companies to drive long-term, holistic success through developing leadership, alignment and culture. Evolution works exclusively with companies that strive to be iconic, world-enriching, evolutionary businesses.  

Erin earned a Bachelor of Science in Education and Social Policy from Northwestern University, and a Master of Science in Positive Organization Development and Change (MPOD) from Case Western Reserve University’s Weatherhead School of Management. She is a certified Integral Professional Coach with Integral Coaching Canada and a Senior Member of the Enneagram in Business Network. Erin is an avid fan of mindfulness and self-compassion meditation, and enjoys her free time with her family and two young daughters discovering the wonders of their beloved San Diego community.

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