Episode #193: Back To School During Covid-19 with Dr. Ana Maria Temple, MD

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Dr. Elana interviews Dr. Ana Maria Temple to help parents plan for what to expect going back to school during COVID-19. Dr. Ana Maria Temple has over 20 years experience as a pediatrician treating over 36,000 patients. She has an integrative approach to health care and her goal is to help families achieve wellness with less medications. During this episode they discuss how to prepare kids to stay well during COVID-19, how parents can talk with their kids about wearing masks, and overall how to feel well-equipped and empowered at the start of the school year.

Topics Discussed: 

  • What should we expect going back to school during COVID-19
  • The pros and cons to mask wearing for kids
  • How to discuss masks with kids
  • How should we prepare kids to stay well during COVID-19
  • The top 3 supplements to consider to help keep your child well
  • The biggest takeaway from the COVID-19 situation
  • 2 actional steps you can take to prep for back to school

Show Notes: 

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This episode’s guest

Dr. Ana Maria Temple is a pediatrician, award winning speaker at Harvard Club of Boston, and a frequent guest on TV News & Talk shows. In her 20 year career she has treated over 36,000 patients. She owns her own practice, Integrative Health Carolinas in Charlotte NC where she helps hundreds of families achieve wellness with less medications.