when your child gets sick?


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The Doctor Mom Membership was designed for moms who want to be their child’s number one health advocate!

Are You Ready To Set Aside Your Fears And

Feel Empowered The Next Time Your Child Gets Sick?

Perhaps you feel scared because you have experienced:

You Need Support



We provide easy to access resources for moms like you so you can make confident decisions about your family’s health and well-being… ​and build a village of supportive mamas! 

Yazmine 1


“The Doctor Mom Membership is a Godsend! As a mom of 3, it is so stressful when your kiddos are sick, trying to search the internet for trusted information. This membership provides it all. The confidence you need as a mom to know how to treat your kiddos at home first before rushing to a doctor’s office. To not panic when they have a cold, cough, or stomach ache and feel confident in our abilities as moms to have a medicine kit and know how to use it. One of my favorite parts of the membership is the Mindset section and meditations. When my kiddos have been sick, I have realized how important it is as a momma to stay calm and grounded and not panic! (easier said than done) but to have this meditation at hand to be able to listen to and feel reassured is so amazing! Dr. Elana did an amazing job and this site is such a blessing!”

-Yazmin Martinez, Mama of 3

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“The Doctor Mom Membership will give you the tools and the confidence to tackle health issues and everyday life with your kids. Instead of turning to Google or your friends for advice, you will have a trusted resource and community where you can ask questions and receive a well-rounded, natural perspective from experts in so many fields.”

-Griffin Hill, Mama of  1

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I continue to feel empowered, enlightened, and confident every time I log in to the Doctor Mom Library.

“The Doctor Mom Membership took my skill and knowledge set to a whole other level. I continue to feel empowered, enlightened, and confident every time I log in to the Doctor Mom Library. As a member, I look forward to the new information posted each month and love that Dr. Elana covers all sorts of various topics as they come along. Even in these unprecedented times, the membership gives me a sense of peace and calm because it empowers me.”

-Fiona Wariuki Frank, Mama of  1


Shift from “fear to clear” so you can calmly assess your child’s symptoms

Build confidence to know when it’s time to visit your doctor

Communicate with your doctor so you feel empowered in your choices for your child’s well-being

Understand when conventional medicine should be considered, and when various natural medicines are safe and effective choices to help relieve your child when sick

Know how to safely help your child from home using natural medicines

Save hours searching on Google for safe dosing recommendations

Access a village of like-minded moms to support you in your decision making

Ultimately, the Doctor Mom Membership will help you have TRUST in yourself as a Doctor Mom. No longer will you feel alone or overwhelmed with resources the next time you have to make a medical choice for your child. You will have everything you need in one, easy-to-access place with a support team who's ready to help you.


take a look inside...

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Learn how to safely think like a Doctor Mom so you aren’t driven by mama-fear and rather know how to tune into mama-bear!

Valued at $147

Learn how to feel well-equipped knowing which integrative medicines (both conventional and alternative) to give to your child when they get sick so you can feel prepared and ready!

Valued at $247

Learn how to master the most common conditions your child may get sick from and offer relief during the hardest of times.

Valued at $347

Learn how to make the hard decisions around vaccines and get access to Dr. Elana’s Vaccine Detox and Immune Protocol!

*Please note: The Vaccine Empowerment Program is not included inside the membership. Members get a special discount if they want to take a deeper dive into vaccine education.

Valued at $247

These 3 Foundational Doctor Mom Courses + The Popular Doctor Mom Vaccine Workshop are now reorganized in an easy to search library so this important information is at your fingertips when you need it the most!


You also get NEW content every month building your Doctor Mom Library of resources!


A New Condition To Master

Each month Dr. Elana invites an expert to join her in highlighting a common pediatric condition to add to your library. From fevers to eczema to mold toxicity to rashes… you can look forward to learning a holistic perspective to the most common childhood ailments.

Doctor Mom Protocols

For each condition you also get easy to reference protocols! Backed by years of clinical experience you get Dr. Elana’s step-by-step Doctor Mom Home Protocols along with Advanced Protocols for when it is time to visit your doctor.

Doctor Mom Mindset Tools, Techniques, and Meditations

Created specifically for Doctor Moms, you get tangible tools to teach you how to stay calm during fearful times.

Doctor Mom Recipes

By popular demand, Dr. Elana shares her easy and healthy familyfriendly meals so you can build confidence in the kitchen using food as medicine.

Private Facebook Group

Your go-to community to ask questions or search through hundreds of archived posts with direct support from a team of pediatric naturopathic doctors!

Live Monthly Q&A Calls

Join Dr. Elana every month along with your community of Doctor Moms to get your questions answered directly. Your access to a pediatric naturopathic doctor at a fraction of the cost! *Calls are recorded if you can’t make it live.

What Is


That'S not all,

join in the next 5 days and get:

Join us inside for a "mama friendly" movement series!

As a busy Mom, exercising isn't something that seems to easily fit into our day-to-day. I personally feel so blessed I have a husband who is a fitness expert, who trains me at home, and I wanted to share what he does with me with YOU!

I want you to feel supported!

So I partnered with my husband and my postpartum care team to design this home movement program so mamas feel supported! Together, we've designed a program that no mom can fail! A program that you do right in your home, needing next to no equipment and that has been working for me for years... so I know it will work for you too!

What you will get:

  • 3 Gentle Flow Movement Videos
  • 3 Intermediate Flow Movement Videos
  • 6 Challenging Flow Movement Videos
  • 20+ year seasons fitness coach directing you each step of the way
  • Lifetime access to program content
Each video averages 15-minutes designed for busy moms for maximum flexibility. You can choose one or combine multiple videos so you ultimately have maximum time flexibility. No to minimal equipment needed.

Bonus Content:

Support from 3 of my personal postpartum providers so you are equipped and feel ready to get moving safely!

  • Pelvic floor physical therapist, Dr. Lauren Mallari-Snyder, PT, DPT, Women’s Health Specialist, teaches you how to assess when you are ready to start exercising, and how to do it safely.
  • Postpartum chiropractor, Dr. Stephanie Libs, DC, CACCP, CLE, teaches you how to master daily “mama movements” like carrying your carseat and wearing your baby correctly.
  • Pain relief expert and movement specialist, Missy Bunch, teaches you why joint mobility is so important for pain prevention and equip you with tools to turn to when discomfort arises so you can move pain free!


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You deserve it
and your kids do too!


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Michelle Dyroff

Tell your mama friends!

The Doctor Mom Membership–with its protocols, articles, videos, interviews, recipes, support, etc.–delivers on its promise to help you feel empowered and confident as a Doctor Mom.  You will be turning to this resource time and again as your child ages because it is so thorough and clear–something we all look for during those panicked moments as a mother.  No need to search any further than what Dr. Elana offers in membership. TELL YOUR MAMA FRIENDS!

-Michelle Dyroff, Mama of  1

Christina Delaney

I now feel confident
caring for my family!

If you have ever felt scared or confused as a parent on how to best handle times in which your children are not feeling good, you are not alone. Even as a registered nurse, I would feel lost during certain situations with my girls, but ever since I’ve learned about the Doctor Mom protocols, herbal & homeopathy remedies, I now feel confident caring for my family.  It has changed the way we care for ourselves and now with the added bonus of recipes and so much more, this membership is perfect for any caregiver who wants to maintain a healthy household.

-Christina Delaney, Mama of 2

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is! It was a priority to ensure a mom can refer to her resources day or night and not need her computer. Check out this video to see how easy and quick it is to access right on your phone!

We have so much to share with you Doctor Moms so each month you can expect your library to continue to build with more valuable resources such as mastering a new condition, new Doctor Mom Protocols, medicine highlights and more!

Yes! Included in the Doctor Mom Membership is the Doctor Mom’s Vaccine Workshop where you will learn how to help your child before and after each vaccine, and what to avoid before and after each vaccine. This has brought a lot of peace of mind to parents navigating this challenging topic.

*Please note: The Vaccine Empowerment Program is not included inside the membership. Members get a special discount if they want to take a deeper dive into vaccine education. This is the program for you!

Children get sick at any age. So yes! This information still applies. You want to be well informed with the knowledge of common illnesses and be proactive in your child’s healthcare at any age! The Doctor Mom Protocols lists recommended amounts for various medicines up to 90 lbs, but there are still plenty of options to either give higher dosing or other types of medicine to help our older kids.

The Facebook Group can be used in multiple ways:

  1. Meet other Doctor Moms around the world or even in your local community! 
  2. Get direct support! Write a post day or night to get help from other Doctor Moms and even Pediatric Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Morgan MacDermott, who pops in twice a week to support you.
  3. Search the hundreds of posts in our saved archives. Your question may have already been answered! There is a search bar as a way to view all past posts and learn from other Doctor Moms along with Pediatric Naturopathic Doctors like Dr. Elana Roumell, Dr. Morgan MacDermott, Dr. Michelle Young.

Live Group Q&A calls are provided along with our private Facebook Group to support you mamas. Both places you get direct support from pediatric naturopathic doctors answering your questions. Unfortunately, at this time, the membership doesn’t provide  1:1 support. 

Absolutely. We have a no-hassle cancellation policy. If you aren’t happy just send us an email at and we will cancel your membership. You are always welcome to join again but please note prices do increase over time.


Hi! I am Dr. Elana Roumell.

As a naturopathic doctor and mother myself, I’ve seen a lot of sick kids… and a lot of stressed out mamas. After witnessing mom after mom after mom bring her little one into my office feeling scared, worried and overwhelmed, I KNEW I needed to do something to support and empower these moms…

That’s why I created the Doctor Mom Membership. Moms need support and I was called to serve! I gathered integrative medicine practitioners from all over the country to help me provide an online reference library  for moms like you so you can make confident decisions about your family’s health and well-being… and join a village of supportive mamas!

Start feeling competent with your Doctor Mom tools so the next time your child gets sick you feel calm and collected… you’ve got this, Mama!

I am like your best friend with medical perks. I love to share tips to make mama’s lives easier, I love to listen to your concerns and problem solve with you, and I LOVE to laugh about our #reallife mom moments. More than anything, I LOVE to help empower you to make decisions about your family’s health that you feel GREAT about.

I’m soooo excited to share The Doctor Mom Membership with you and invite you into our Doctor Mom village!

With Love,