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We get questions all the time from Mamas asking:

“What are YOUR favorite wellness remedies?!”

As a team of naturopathic doctors and moms ourselves, we sure have had our share of seeing many kids spit out medicines (yucky!) and hundreds of dollars wasted (not fun!).

We don’t want that for you!

In our online store, we have hand-selected not only the best quality, tried, and true remedies that our own families and patients use, but also the ones that most kids will say “More please!”

We stay up to date with new and improved products so you don’t have to! 

Save your time, we got you covered! 

In a nutshell…We are here to help you get the best-tasting, most affordable, and effective remedies for you and your family.

Oh, we almost forgot to mention, you get a special discount on all products, on every order!

Enjoy the savings!

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Ready for a few of our favorites?!

Common Conditions

So you are prepared to tackle these common ailments the next time your child gets sick! 


Get our Fever Protocol freebie so you know exactly what to do when your child has a fever!


Get our Allergy Relief Guide so you can be prepared during allergy season!

cold/runny nose

food poisoning

Daily Wellness Essentials…

Ahhh prevention is key! Start with whole foods first as a foundation. Add supplements to help meet optimal levels when food alone isn’t cutting it. We are picky when it comes to quality… you deserve only the best for you and your family!

favorite probiotics

favorite fish oils

favorite vitamin Ds

daily essentials for before, during, and after pregnancy

Looking for solutions solutions to side effects?

Vaccines and antibiotics are commonly recommended to kiddos. We support parents with whatever choice they make – as long as they feel informed and empowered! 

Good news, there are solutions to side effects and we love to share our two top favorites here. Comprehensive protocols are available if you are hungry for more!

vaccine support

antibiotic support

Ahhhhh and we have SO MUCH MORE TO SHARE!

To access our comprehensive protocols please join us inside the Doctor Mom Membership!

 Understand how to use these protocols

Stock your medicine cabinet and know HOW to use each remedy! 

 Learn how much to give!

Don’t just guess, get access to the exact amounts needed to stay safe and get results! Amounts are listed based on age/weight.

 Get support! 

You don’t have to do this alone, Mama! You have questions, we have answers. Get direct access to naturopathic doctors for a fraction of what a consult would cost!

You can be a CALM, COMPETENT, and CONFIDENT Doctor Mom! 

*When you purchase through my online store, please know I receive compensation from each purchase. I want all moms to have access to high quality products so you automatically get a special discount with each purchase. I only recommend products in which I believe and would use myself. Love sharing these favorites with my busy Mamas.